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Our ASE Certified Technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and the best quality parts and fluids to service and repair your vehicles.ASE Certified Auto Repair Peoria IL

ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop in Peoria

Whether you simply need an oil change, your engine replaced, or you have an electrical problem driving you nuts, our auto repair service has the solutions for your auto maintenance and repair needs. We provide bumper to bumper service and specialize in solving a broad variety of problems, repairs and vehicle maintenance.

Our Peoria auto repair center is conveniently located near Bradley University. Steve’s Auto Repair service in Peoria is the best source for professional and reliable service. Steve’s highly skilled technicians have comprehensive knowledge and the experience to get your vehicle repaired correctly.

We promise to treat your vehicle as if it were our own.  We use the latest diagnostics equipment and any work done to your car will be explained to you in layman’s terms. We work on nearly all domestic vehicles and most foreign vehicles. This includes: Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Nissan and more.

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Brake Service Peoria IL - Auto RepairPeoria Brake Service

In order to efficiently stop your vehicle, your brakes and rotors should be in operating condition. Considering you rely on them every day, make certain not to neglect any issues, even small changes can signify that your brakes need repair work.

For your safety and ideal vehicle performance, you should have them checked and sustained routinely.

Steve’s provides Peoria Brake Repair Service and will go the extra mile in repairing your vehicle brakes correctly and in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Signs you may need brake service:

More Pressure Needed

You need to use more pressure than normal to stop the vehicle

Scraping or Grinding Noises

You hear a scraping or grinding noise when stopping. This is often an indicator of a brake or bearing concern and should be evaluated quickly.

Experiencing Shaking or Vibrating

You are feeling a hard shaking or vibration when stopping the vehicle.

Piercing Squeak Noise

You hear a piercing squeak when you are applying the brakes.

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Peoria Engine Diagnostics and RepairEngine Repair Peoria IL - Auto Repair Peoria

Today’s vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems and often numerous computers.

The vehicle computer systems receive information from a network of sensors and switches which inform your vehicle ignition, fuel and emission control systems about condition and what to do.

For engine repair in Peoria IL you can be assured Steve’s will get it done right and repair your engine in the most efficient, affordable and reliable way.

Signs your car may need engine repair include:


A nocking, rattling, squeaking, ticking, and tapping noises. Possible causes are faulty connecting rod or bearing, main bearing, crankshaft, oil pump, clogged oil pump pick up screen, lifters/ tappets, rocker arm, camshaft, pushrod, timing chain, timing belt, timing belt pulleys, timing belt idler.


Are you seeing dark colored spots on the driveway? Possible causes are faulty oil pan gasket, rear main seal, timing cover gasket/seal, cylinder head gasket, camshaft seals, intake manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, oil cooler (when equipped).


If you are seeing blue or white smoke from the tailpipe or under the hood, possible causes are faulty piston rings, cylinder head gasket, valve seal, valve guide, i piston, intake manifold, intake manifold gasket or a bad PCV valve.


If your vehicle doesn't have the get up and go expected, possible causes are piston rings, valves, , timing chain, camshaft, ignition timing, valve job, camshaft timing, timing belt, timing gear fuel mixture, low compression


If your vehicle is requiring engine oil frequently between oil changes, possible causes are faulty valve seals, valve guides, piston rings, cylinder wall wear, pcv valve, intake manifold gasket

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Free Car Inspection Peoria IL - Auto Repair Peoria ILFREE Pre-Purchase Inspection

Thinking of buying a used car?  Before you do, consider having Steve’s perform a FREE Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection.

This type of inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a vehicle without a warranty.

Steve’s FREE Pre-Purchase Inspection can be invaluable tool in helping you determine the estimated cost of needed repairs to the vehicle when negotiating with the seller.

When there is no warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical issue.

Auto Maintenance Peoria IL: Repair & Services for the following brands:


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